KCCA FC holds first training in Huye – CECAFA

KCCA FC held its first training session in Huye district, Rwanda were the team is camping for the CECAFAF Kagame Cup 2019.

The team arrived in Rwanda ahead of the CECAFA tournament and later proceeded to Huye on a three hours drive from Kigali.

On arrival to Huye, the team was ushered into Bonni Consilli Hotel where it will camp until the end of the group B games.

The team was there after treated to a lunch-on at the hotel and proceeded to rest until 5 pm Rwanda time.

Nicholas Kasozi will be hoping the CECAFA Kagame Cup will be another opportunity to nail down a position on the team

Next on the agenda was the first training session in the host country at Huye training grounds a kilometer from the place of residence.

In training, the focus was on speed in transition and accuracy in shooting on goal as the boys were taken through their paces by the technical team members.

Time check. 6:30 pm and training was put to rest. Te team later returned to Bonni Consilli Hotel to regenerate.