KCCA FC Launches 2019/20 Kit. All You Need To Know About The Features on the Jersey.

KCCA FC has launched a new jersey for the 2019/20 season.

The kit comes with a vast number of features that are a symbol of the pillars and identity of the club.

Like it has been a norm over the years, the kit comes in yellow and blue color with the home kit marred with more yellow and a few patches of deep blue and the shorts blue summed with yellow socks.

KCCA FC players modeling the 2019/20 season kit

The away kit is blue with stains of yellow patches and is summed with yellow shorts and blue socks.

But there is more to what meets the eye. The unique features that are on the kit that symbolize a number of things.

The star above the crest

The Star above the Crest;

Established in 1963, KCCA FC has won 13 league titles since inception.

The club has the second highest number of league titles won by a Ugandan club.

With the star representing TEN and KCCA FC having won 13 titles, explains the star above the crest. In the near future when the club attains 20 league titles, the stars above the crest will change to two.

The invisible lines / textures at the front and back of the new jersey.

The Invisible Lines (Textures);

At the front and the back of the shirt are textures that need a second and clearer look to get the photographic interpretation. The textures are nearly invisible and they are a perfect representation of the forces that drive the club 24/7 and 365 days annually. These forces run the the day to day activities of the club. In brief, the team simplifies the work of the technical team and players and is a very strong pillar in the life of the club.

The IMPALA leaping forward over the seven hills of Kampala on the left base of the jersey

The IMPALA at the base of the shirt and short;

It is a known fact that the name Kampala comes from an Impala, a type of antelope which used to graze on the slopes of Mengo. The name, Hill of the Impala was given specifically to the hill on which Captain Fredrick Lord Lugard, a British administrator, established his camp (Fort) on December 18, 1890. The Baganda translated Hill of the Impala into Kasozi Impala (pronounced Ka Impala and eventually Kampala).

On the new kit, the Impala is leaping forward a sign that KCCA FC has lived for 56 years and is still growing bigger and stronger.

The four lines on the right breast of the new kit

The Four lines on the breast of the shirt

 The design on the right breast of the shirt has a small similarity to the 90s club shirt. It has four parallel lines while the 90s shirt had three but in almost similar positions.

The four parallel lines run from shortest to longest. The top short line signifies players, technical team, management and board of the club.

The second line from the top signifies the various stakeholders like KCCA, National Council of Sports, Ministry of Education and Sports and other Executive bodies like FUFA, CAF, Police among others that support KCCA FC in achieving its strategic objectives.

The third line signifies the sponsors and partners of KCCA FC who are; KCCA, Startimes, MTN, Britam, Prime Media, Vivo Energy, Highland and partners; USPA, Century Cinema, Club Ambiance. Also, our Schools of Excellence like Kibuli SSS and Masaka SSS.

The fourth and final line is the biggest line. This signifies the fans of the club who are very key to the success of the club.

Anaku Sadat modeling the new kit for 2019/20 season

Because we are more than just a club, there is more than what meets the eye and the jersey means more. A mixture of heritage, culture, style, fashion, pomp and stakeholders are all represented in the design of the new kit.

The jerseys come in all sizes and fashion that have kids, female and male catered for.

The jersey is now available for sale at Startimes Stadium, Lugogo and goes for 30,000 ugx.