KCCA FC, Masaka SS Cement Footballing Partnership

KCCA FC Chairman Aggrey Ashaba (right) and Hajji Mpungu Musoke the headmaster of Masaka SS signing a Memorandum of Understanding to cement the partnership between both parties

KCCA FC and Masaka Secondary School have sealed a footballing partnership with a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Aggrey Ashaba the Club Chairman and Hajji Mpungu Musoke the headmaster of Masaka SS.

The agreement also cements the good working relationship that KCCA FC and Masaka SS have had over time that has had a couple of players from the school in names of James Begesa and Walter Ochora currently signed by the club. Tony Mawejje and Vincent Kayizzi are some of the professional players that have played for Masaka SS and KCCA FC.

Mpungu Musoke (left) the headmaster of Masaka SS with KCCA FC officials on a tour around the school

The event held at Masaka SS had other club officials in attendance. Anisha Muhoozi (Administrator in charge of operations), Moses Magero (Public Relations Officer), Faithrat Kadala (Football Development Officer), Patrick Ochieng (Media Personnel) and Francis Jurua (KCCA FC U18 Captain)


Mpungu Musoke the headmaster of Masaka SS addressing students at the partnership meet up

Mr Mpungu Musoke thanked KCCA FC for fulfilling the invite and commended the organization of the club as compared to others. In his words he said

I am happy that this partnership has come to pass and that we now have a memorandum of understanding with the club. We are committed to respecting this partnership and working with KCCA FC in unearthing fresh talent. This kind of relationship is a match made from heaven and also the fact that it sticks with the values of the school of football and education going hand in hand, Musoke said


Francis Jurua KCCA FC Captain U18 speaks to Masaka SS men’s and women’s football team

Jurua Francis the captain of the U18 side addressed the men’s and women’s football teams;

Football is important and so is education, keep in school and grow your talent. Don’t be in a rush to make decisions and that way you will go places. Also trust your coaches and teachers and be disciplined because it’s the key to success, Jurua said


KCCA FC officials and Masaka SS men’s team and officials pose for a photo

Masaka SS have Richard Malinga as their coach who also is part of the coaching team at KCCA FC. The headteacher Mpungu Musoke commended Malinga on his discipline and dedication that has played a huge part on the school’s football performance.


Aggrey Ashaba the chairman of KCCA FC addressing the men’s and women’s football teams at Masaka SS

In the closing remarks, Chairman Aggrey said;

 This partnership is beyond the game of football, we are looking at preparing the football, academic and mindset of the player. The added advantage is that whatever we wanted to do as a club is what the administration of Masaka SS wanted to do. We will better our philosophy by imparting our way of doing things that is dignity, humility and fairness in this partnership, Aggrey commented.


KCCA FC officials and Masaka SS women’s team and officials pose for a photo

Later, KCCA FC officials handed a full set of jerseys, balls and a framed KCCA FC signed by all the club’s players.


KCCA FC Chairman Aggrey Ashaba hands over a souvenir to Hajji Mpungu Musoke the headmaster of Masaka SS