KCCA FC, UPL Clubs launch #WearYourLocalJersey Campaign

KCCA Football Club and Uganda Premier Clubs have launched a joint campaign dubbed #WearYourLocalJersey.

The campaign’s objectives are;

  • To promote the local football industry through urging Ugandans to support local Football Clubs and to “Buy Uganda Build Uganda.”
  • To have a collective voice as the Uganda Football Clubs that can drive the same cause.
  • To generate revenue and grow the brand for Ugandan Football through various stakeholders proudly purchasing the local apparel and wearing it to give visibility to their Clubs in order to attract overall value.

Police FC, Express FC, SC Villa, KCCA FC, URA FC, officials at the press conference for #WearYourLocalJersey Campaign Launch

The campaign was launched at a Press Conference held at Startimes Stadium, Lugogo. KCCA Football Club was represented by Anisha Shahir Muhoozi – CEO.

Other Uganda Premier League Club present at the presser also had representatives

FUFA / UPL represented by Humphrey Mandu – Deputy CEO FUFA and Board Member UPL

Vipers SC represented by Abdu Wasike – PRO.

SC Villa represented by Bernard Olupot – PRO

URA Football Club represented by Henry Mayeku – CEO

Express FC represented by Isaac Mwesigwa – CEO

Wakiso Giants represented by Sula Kamoga – CEO

Police Football Club represented by Fahad Lumu – CEO

#WearYourLocalJersey Campaign

The #WearYourLocalJersey is a drive that will ensure local football stakeholders support and build the Ugandan Football Industry.

We urge Uganda football fans to buy local apparel from their various Ugandan Football Clubs and proudly wear them to promote and grow Ugandan Football. 5% of the proceeds from our merchandise will go towards CSR.

Anisha Shahir Muhoozi – KCCA FC CEO

It is very important to have our local own promoted. Brand visibility is very key for the growth of sport and as FUFA / UPL we will ensure we support this cause. Clubs can come up with days where all fans wear their apparel to create healthy competition on who wore the jersey more and better

Humphrey Mandu – Deputy CEO FUFA and Board member UPL

It is our long term plan to paint the city with our colors through having our fans wear our apparel. As SC Villa we are happy to be part of this campaign and i urge the stakeholders to buy genuine apparel from clubs and have the club’s best interests at hear.

Bernard Olupot – SC Villa PRO

As Express FC we are happy to be on board for this campaign. I urge clubs to have their merchandise available and affordable. Let us have merchandise shops and quality apparel to entice the local community to purchase the merchandise. Let us grow the Uganda football brand collectively.

Isaac Mwesigwa – Express FC CEO
KCCA FC CEO Anisha Shahir Muhoozi, URA FC CEO Henry Mayeku, Wakiso Giants FC CEO – Sula Kamoga at the #WearYourLocalJersey campaign presser.

Uganda football has very great potential. We need to change the narrative of football having great potential and create value for this great product. It is very important that we are starting this #WearYourLocalJersey Campaign and all our staff at URA FC now wear jerseys on Fridays to create visibility. It is also important that we create patents to control counterfeits in the market.

Henry Mayeku – URA FC CEO

Our commitment as clubs is that we shall have and make our merchandise available for stakeholders to purchase. This is the beginning of a collective bargain as clubs. It is quite unique to have various UPL clubs all championing one cause. We will strive to make this work

Sula Kamoga – Wakiso Giants FC – CEO

It is quite nice to have all these clubs present for the launch of this #WearYourLocalJersey Campaign . As Vipers SC, we will keep pushing for fans to buy merchandise and support the club in all its campaigns. We are 100 percent behind this campaign

Wasike Abdu – Vipers SC PRO
Humphrey Mandu – Deputy CEO FUFA, Wasike Abdu – Vipers SC PRO

This is a good campaign and we are 100 percent behind this as Police FC. We call upon our fans and stakeholders to support the club through buying our merchandise which is going to be a very key revenue center for us and other clubs during this period where we will not have fans watching games and paying gate collections.

Fahad Lumu – Police FC CEO
SC Villa PRO Bernard Olupot, Expres CEO Isaac Mwesigwa and KCCA FC CEO Anisha Shahir Muhoozi

In challenging times like these ones where the COVID 19 pandemic has struck the local football industry hard since 20th March 2020 when sports activities were suspended, merchandise is one of the ways through which Clubs can generate funds and also football stakeholders showing their support to Ugandan Football. This comes at a time when fans will not be able to watch football live in stadiums but can extend their support to their Clubs through buying merchandise

Additionally, 5% of KCCA Football Club’s revenue from sale of the jerseys will go towards supporting a Corporate Social Responsibility activity by the of the 2020/21 season.


This is one of the many campaigns that Ugandan Football Clubs have intended to do in driving a collective voice for a cause and we believe this will grow the local game and industry at large.