For Immediate Release

Kampala, Uganda – Monday 11th October, 2021

Britam Uganda Limited has extended sponsorship with KCCA FC for another year ahead of the 2021/22 season.

Britam has been sponsoring KCCA FC for the past five (5) seasons / years, since July 2016.

The sponsorship entails Britam providing the Club with medical insurance to its staff including players, coaches and administration staff. This will improve the general well being of the staff and enable the team to perform to their full potential.

During the renewal launch, remarks were made by the officials from both brands,

Martin Ssekajja

As KCCA FC, we are glad to renew our marriage with Britam Uganda Limited. Since the establishment of this relationship in July 2016, KCCA FC has been able to attain ten (10) trophies. We want to thank Britam for the continued support over the years and we shall continue being your ambassadors.  – Martin Ssekajja – Chairman, KCCA FC

Allan Mafabi

As Britam, we commit and pledge to support KCCA FC. We have partnered with KCCA FC for five (5) years and counting. Partnerships are key and we value them. Just like our tagline is, “With You Every Step of The Way” – Allan Mafabi – CEO, Britam Uganda Limited

Dorothy Kisaka

I value partnerships and I appreciate how much they can push us forward. Britam has stood with us since 2016 and are still with us five (5) years later. We can not thank you enough for the assistance over the years notably Jurua Hassan’s medical bill when he was critically ill. We are pleased to be associated with Britam, a leading brand – Dorothy Kisaka – Executive Director, KCCA  

Britam is one of the leading insurance and Asset Management companies in Uganda. The Britam group is broad and has presence in seven countries in Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique and Malawi. The group offers a wide range of financial solutions in Life Assurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement Planning, Asset Management and Property.

The Britam logo will appear on the left sleeve of the official KCCA FC 2021/22 jersey just like it has been for the past five years.