The highlights -STATE OF CLUB

KCCA FC held a State of the club engagement in the afternoon of Saturday 17th August at Startimes Stadium, Lugogo.

The engagement had the club Chairman Aggrey Ashaba show to the fans the history, present and future of the club.

The engagement was exclusive to fans’ leaders and season ticket holders of the club.

The highlights of Chairman’s address hinged on;

  1. Who we are
  2. Where we are coming from
  3. Where are we now
  4. Where we must be
  5. Financials,

Here are some key points in the Chairman’s presentation;

Who We Are?

Classy; Excellence and distinction on and off the pitch.

Classy; The new signings for 2019/20 season L-R John Revita, Simon Serunkuma and Erisa Sekisambu modeling the home kit for the new season

Kawowo; The identity of the club is to play beautifully and play to entertain. That is us.

Nurture; Development of our players is the cornerstone of the club.

L-R; Kato Samuel and Musa Ramathan, Kato Samuel and Allan Okello have all been nurtured by KCCA FC

Champions; We play to win and the culture of winning is part of our DNA. Everyone working at the club from the Chairman, players, management must always work, breath, eat and sleep towards this singular objective.

Where we are coming from?

Aggrey hinted about the amateur state of the club in the past and notably was the way of life and execution of duties. He also hinted on better governance now that was not available in the past. Ownership crisis in the past where the club solely depended on KCCA for survival.

Where we are going;

Leadership; To be the best club in the land on and off pitch by winning trophies, best revenue generation, attraction of players and human resource.

BusinessRunning the club on the principles of a corporate entity and should be able to break even and be self sustaining.

OwnershipThe future should include fans having play in ownership of the football club only if they can be able to bring needed value on the table.

The club will be starting the KCCA FC leadership Academy to groom and nurture Future Leaders of the club.

Key to note in the state of the club engagement were the key result areas of the Strategic plan;

Human Capital Development; Club structure and staffing improved and key departments beefed up with competent staff.

Facilities and infrastructure development; Naguru stand has been partially improved and more developments on the stadium will commence soon.

Governance, systems and processes, Efficient systems in place have been put in place, policies and procedures developed and documented for continuing processes.

Financial growth and sustainability; improved gate management processes have been put into place and the club is attracting more sponsors for sustainability purposes.

Strategic alliances and partnerships; Schools of excellence with Masaka SSS, Kibuli SSS, Old Kampala SSS and partnerships with El Gouna, Century Cinema, Club Ambience have been put into place.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships, the club has been able to attract El Gouna FC as a partner.

Brand Visibility, Marketing, Communication and Public Relations; Key brand positioning strategies carried out on a daily and improved media presence across all platforms.

Fans and membership growth; Set up of fans leadership committee to drive this.


              ITEM                                            2019 (Millions)   2018 (Millions)

  • Revenue                                            (3,853)              (5,149)
  • Other Revenue                                    (18)                        (5)
  • Operating expenses                      (1,346)                 (1,545)
  • Staff Expenses                                (1,916)                (2,111)
  • Administrative Expenses             (1,147)               (1,859)
  • (Deficit)                                               (538)                    (361)

Revenue Breakdown;

          Revenue                                              2019                          2018

                                                                        (Millions)                   (Millions)

  • KCCA support                                    (1267)                      (1392)
  • Sponsorship                                       (1033)                       (1375)
  • Prize Money                                        (441)                       (1191)
  • Player Sales                                          (534)                         (639)
  • Matchday Revenue                           (287)                         (329)
  • Stadium Hire                                        (152)                       (101)
  • Merchandise                                          (25)                           (18)
  • Season Tickets                                    (21)                           (29)

         Other Revenue                                  (93)                            (75)

Major Expenses

               Expenses                                            2019                      2018

                                                                  (Millions)                   (Millions)

  • Matchday expenses                         (526)                         (553)
  • Travel                                                   (762)                       (936)
  • Staff Salaries (Gross)                      (1,443)                    (1,179)
  • NSSF Company Contribution           (144)                         (118)
  • Staff meals                                            (158)                       (168)
  • Medical Insurance                               (71)                           (76)
  • Player Bonuses                                    (71)                       (465)
  • Sports Equipment                                 (55)                         (57)
L-R; Michael Kirunga (Finance Manager) KCCA FC and Anisha Muhoozi (CEO KCCA FC) at the state of the club address.

         DEBT POSITION                                                 2019                       2018

                                                                                  (Millions)         (Millions)

  • Outstanding at Start of season                  (2,236)                 (2,912)
  • Additions in the period                                  (171)                    (295)
  • Payments during season                               (575)                    (971)
  • Outstanding at End of season                     (1,832)                 (2,236)

Match Attendance 2019 – 2018

Match Attendance 2018 2019
Match Total Total
SC Villa             5,153          3,109
St George / Otoho             4,483          1,892
Vipers             4,146          6,266
CNAPS /Mtibwa             2,319          1,291
Police             1,735          1,513
URA             1,313          1,748
Proline/Paidha             1,170             923
Bul             1,115          1,137
Express               965          2,921
Mbarara               849          1,353
Soana               803          1,560
Kirinya               776          1,362
Masavu/Nyamityobora               735             944
UPDF/Ndejje               707             741
Onduparaka                  –            2,611
Bright stars                  –            1,562
Maroons                  –            1,581
Total           26,269        32,514


  • Raise Season Ticket sales – 50% (14 Million)
  • Raise gates by 40% (132 Million)
  • Merchandise growth -100% (18Million)
  • Player sales- Over a Billion each year
  • Sponsorship Revenue- 500 Million Each year
  • Start Hospitality Catering- 5Million
  • Endorsements – 20 Million
  • Image Rights Revenue – 100 Million
  • KCCA Leadership Academy
A KCCA FC fan following proceedings during the state of the club address

After delivering the state of club address, Chairman Aggrey Ashaba spoke to and had this to say;

This is one of the ways where we can measure our growth and also check ourselves as a club. Engagements like these are key in growth of any institution and we shall continue having them. This engagement will happen annually.

Aggrey Ashaba